Most of the traders at Ashaiman market are counting what they have lost after a fire outbreak which affected parts of the market on Wednesday, 6th of March 2019.

Almost thirty(30) shops which contains mostly used clothes, cosmetics, rice, oil and other items were burnt down completely.

Even though the cause of the fire is till unknown, some people who were at the scene suspect that this incident happened as a result of an electrical fault somewhere.

Ashaiman Market

A trader in an interview said,”I am shocked and speechless. Everything that I have here is gone. I was phoned around 3:00 am to come and upon reaching here, I realized that all my items and everything is completely burnt.

Another trader also complained,”I trade with loans and I just filled my shop with new stock yesterday. All the items in my shop were purchased with loans and now it is burnt down completely. Two of my shops are also burnt.

According to an eyewitness, he said,”Much efforts were made to get in touch with the police and fire service for their intervention on time but all proved futile”.

He continued by saying,”This fire started around 1:00 am and we went to the Police Station to inform them around 2:00 am but no one turned up.

He concluded by saying that, the Fire Service only turned up hours after the indent have happened.

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